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​​​The Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal is a single-acting, two-part unit recommended for use in hydraulic cylinders and presses. The unique, split design eliminates the need for equipment disassembly and shimming. The simplified design reduces friction and wear as observed in conventional elastomer V-ring assemblies. The net effect is an improvement in the life of the equipment.

The 11K has a negative rake lip profile to optimize operating performance while easing installation into the stuffing box cavity. The set is available in various material combinations to accommodate new or used equipment and can be supplied in split or solid designs. The bottom ring is the primary sealer while the top ring provides secondary sealing and works as an anti-extrusion ring.

The 11K can be manufactured using a machining process which allows the ​flexibility to create any size based on equipment dimensions.​

Chesterton 11K Rod Seal

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