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Until now selecting the correct packing for your application has been a balancing act between different materials. Aramids are tough and resilient but have high friction and fret shafts and sleeves, and PTFEs are extremely low friction and kind to shafts but can consolidate and extrude. All of these issues cause a loss of compression, resulting in leakage and requiring packing adjustments.

Chesterton​​ DualPac®​ 2211 is built to address these issues by combining two complimentary materials in one packing. Using our patented braiding technology graphite filled ePTFE can be placed against the shaft where it provides superior sealing and low friction, and a high strength and resiliency aramid is placed against the stuffing box bore to resist consolidation without shaft wear.  Both lab and field tests have shown that DualPac requires fewer gland adjustments, resulting in drastically extended life in severe service applications.​

Chesterton DualPac® 2211

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